Your workplace injury management solutions

Smart, wearable technology from Soter Analytics to prevent workplace injuries and other common challenges.

What we do

Life Ready Biosymm works collaboratively with businesses to develop successful risk-based solutions to workplace injury prevention and early intervention injury management to continually improve workplace safety, increase productivity and maximise profitability for employers.

Our onsite physiotherapy initiatives and investment in technology, combined with our partnership with Soter Analytics, allows our clients access to wearable technology and an AI training program that guides workers to self-correct their movements in real-time to prevent ergonomic injuries, musculoskeletal pain, lost workdays and injury claims.

With wearable technology solutions and quality reporting and data collection, let us help you:

Increase productivity
Increase stay at work rates
Reduce workplace injuries
Reduce risks and costs to your business

Soter Solutions


The wearable device that gives personalized feedback accompanied by a mobile app & micro-learning for workers to self-correct their movements in real-time. All data is accessible via the analytics dashboard


Designed for large organizations, Clip&Go offers seamless implementation and long-term utilization. The solution improves ergonomic safety of workers by reducing the risk of injury by up to 70% just within 6 weeks

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Let Life Ready Biosymm help prevent injuries in your workplace by up to 55% with smart, wearable technology from Soter Analytics.

Our approach

The data we collect regarding injury trends in our injury management process, alongside that collected by Soter Analytics helps predict workplace injuries and support businesses in decisions on where to focus time and funds to help prevent those injuries and best manage workers.

With this data, and our advanced task analysis and extensive knowledge of the warehousing and logistics industry, we can provide valuable feedback and recommendations to implement to reduce risk and increase safety, productivity and profitability in your workplace.

Our cost benefits

  • 98% stay at work rate for onsite physiotherapy and video health consultations
  • <8% of work-related injuries progressing to claim
  • Below average claim costs when they are opened due to better and earlier management of expectations
  • More than 10 days saved – improved recovery time for work related cases compared with predicted norms

Why choose us

Our injury prevention and injury management services are proactive measures aimed at managing and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders within your business.

Our points of difference include:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of industries
  • High-level appropriate and timely communication
  • Ongoing management of cases, and
  • Better access for our client’s workforce, aligning with our values

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