Early Intervention Physiotherapy

We have a 98% stay at work rate for cases we manage

  • >10,000 cases
  • 98% stay at work rate
  • >90% of cases managed without a claim
  • Average cost <$700 per case
  • Average rate of return to normal duties 10 days faster than predicted by MD Guidelines®

Did you know musculoskeletal injuries make up almost 2/3 of all reported workplace injuries in Australia? Also that a Federal Government study recently revealed that a person visiting their GP will only receive appropriate care just over half the time? It can be very frustrating when you are trying to get the best advice for your injured employee, whilst also trying to work out how you can safely manage them at work.

We have tried to solve this with our Declan™ initiative.

Opening hours for our Video Health service:

Monday – Friday 07:00am AEST to 18:00pm AWST and
Saturday/Sunday 06:00am AWST to 06:00pm AWST

Access to care
Injury management
We capture data with every injury including, but not limited to, injury body part, mechanism of injury, job role and work department. In consultation with our clients, we set up live dashboards which summarise this data enabling our clients to see injury trends over time and assess the effectiveness of injury management

Our process

Our Physiotherapists can speak through a secure video-link to provide immediate advice following any injuries at work. The injury management and return to work process can be started straight away to avoid any delays in treatment and improve injury outcomes.
Our experienced physiotherapists use Video Health to connect with the injured worker and workplace to deliver:

  • Best practice assessment and advice to the worker on their musculoskeletal condition
  • Education and self-management strategies to the worker including an exercise program
  • Timely feedback to the workplace regarding suitable duties and a treatment plan
  • Referral to one of our trusted network of providers if further management is agreed to
  • Expectations to the treating provider regarding treatment objectives and functional goals.