Our History

Like most physiotherapy businesses, Biosymm started out as a private practice. In this environment, we continually encountered obstacles treating injured workers and became frustrated at having our treatment success impacted heavily by issues beyond our control.

After some discussion, we pursued the idea of onsite physiotherapy – we saw it as a better way to facilitate a speedy recovery with knowledge of the workplace, whilst also saving costs associated with workers leaving the workplace for treatment.

By working closely with our partners, we began to understand the risks experienced by businesses and expanded our services to encompass methods to reduce this risk profile. With this approach, both our business and our reputation for outstanding service provision grew.

Better health results in better business.

One partner we worked closely with during this expansion was Life Ready, and in their leaders we found a group with the same values and drive.  It was an easy decision then recently to merge with Life Ready and bring two leading businesses together with an aim of raising the bar of healthcare delivery and expand our geographical spread.
We remain passionate about both injury management and prevention and constantly seek to be innovative in improving our processes to both evaluate and reduce risk to our clients.

We travel to any site, anywhere and believe that better health results in better business.